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Trimarine Advanced Marine Projects Ltd

  • Last modified 1 month ago
  • Ryde, United Kingdom

Trimarine Advanced Marine Projects, Ltd. is a project management company that was founded in 1995 to develop weight optimized solutions for marine applications.

We specialise in the process engineering, construction, systems design and fit-out of racing and high performance cruising yachts using advanced composites.

Trimarine Advanced Marine Projects brings together formally, a team that for many years has been involved in a variety of construction projects using composite materials at all levels of complexity.

We believe that our services can be of substantial value to individuals and organisations involved in the design and manufacture of fibre reinforced plastic components.

Trimarine Advanced Marine Projects offers a fully integrated series of services that include the engineering, study, planning and production of complete structures for marine, industrial and civil engineering applications, as well as the development and certification of specific construction processes in line with customer requirements.

Although primarily oriented towards the process engineering of composite structures, the past activities of our team cover most of the subjects related to the planning and organisation of marine production facilities, the development and manufacture of prototypes and the management of construction projects with World Wide deployment.

We trust that our services will be of interest and welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your particular requirements.

  • Avening, Kite Hill
    Wooton Bridge
    Isle of Wight
    PO33 4LG
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