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Source Graphene

  • Last modified 1 month ago
  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Source Graphene is the first based Romanian company focused on producing and supplying graphene oxide in water dispersion.  Source Graphene has the capacity to obtain high, cost effective amounts of graphene oxide. Due to its improved technology the company is capable of innovating according to customer requirements for different specific applications.

Graphene oxide nanosheets (GON) dispersed in water are obtained by chemical and physical processes that involve graphite as raw material, specific separations and washing methods. Hydroxyl, epoxy, carbonyl, carboxyl groups are linked to GON’s plane or/and edge.

We are located in Cluj county, Romania. Cluj-Napoca is one of the most innovative city in Romania, due to the high number of students with multiple extraordinary capabilities in various domains like IT, high-tech and medicine that are enrolled in the city’s local universities.

  • Branului Street No. 53
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