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  • Last modified 2 years ago
  • Australia

Quickboats is the owner and designer of the world’s most advanced and simply coolest folding boat. The boat is a multi-award winning product with numerous international patents and design registrations.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the easiest to use and most enjoyable boat in the world. We combined the best industrial designers, smartest composites engineers and best manufacturing technology to give you to access the world’s most amazing waterways. Best of all, we deliver this right to your door.

There are some 300 Quickboats in use worldwide and over 140 of these on the waterways of Australia.

The first production run has SOLD OUT.  We plan for production to recommence in the second half of 2016 with focus on the QB 3.1 and QB 3.7 models coming out first.

There are many interested purchasers so may we suggest you join our mailing list  and we will keep you up to date with product releases.

Imagine being able to throw your boat over your shoulder and stroll down to the lake. 

24 months and almost AUD$3m has been invested in product development in order to create the right product centered around simplicity, performance and beauty.

The Quickboat is easier to transport, easier to enjoy and easier to store than any other boat. Its build mainly consists of an assembly of sandwich flat panels and fibreglass-moulded parts. It is a high performing boat that can be assembled and disassembled in seconds (without any tools) via its innovative 9-step process.

The Quickboat’s lightweight nature means it can travel on a standard car roof rack and achieve performance milestones other crafts of its size can only achieve with larger and heavier outboard motors.

When the adventure is done for the day, the Quickboat packs away into two bags and hangs on a garage wall or lives in a storage ‘cage’ – perfect for high density housing and apartment living.


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Quickboats Seeks North American Licensee for Its Advanced Composite Folding Boat

Quickboats Seeks North American Licensee for Its Advanced Composite Folding Boat

15th March 2016 0 comments

Quickboats is seeking to license its IP for the manufacturing and marketing of its Quickboat range of advanced composite folding boats.