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Qingdao Zhixincheng Honeycomb Panel Co., Ltd.

  • Last modified 1 month ago
  • Qingdao, China

The website introduces Polypropylene honeycomb and Polycarbonate honeycomb panel, which are new materials supplied to domestic and overseas market. We produce multi-aperture panels for architecture and public decoration. Our PC honeycomb panel with the diameter 3 or 6mm can be bonded with some panels to make sandwich panels with reflecting anamorph to light, like Acrylic door honeycomb sheet, which is for family and business public decoration. The multi-aperture pc368 honeycomb core is origination in China’s market. Another application for PC6 & PC3.5 is the wind guide for equipment or airflow adjustment, The energy-efficient laminboard FRP honeycomb panel is made by resin fiberglass covered PP8 or PP10 honeycomb core for yacht, dry cargo box and sandwich construction etc. which need lighten the high-strength of their weight. Hot cutting PP12 honeycomb is hexagon Cellular structure used carbon powder or pill container for air filter or water purifying installation.

Based on technological efficiently equipments, years of experience and stable and well trained skillful production team, large-scale of production, making us one of the largest producers in this field(line). We will provide maximum benefit for the customers with our persistent efforts, products’ strength and meticulous care. Our complete product list is limited only by available materials and current technology. With your imagination, your product requirements and our experience, we can create new products with benefits answering your specific needs. Let’s work together for creating more beautiful and green world.


  • 2103#,1 Unit No.01 building
    139# Fuzhounorth Road
    North district Qingdao
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