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  • Last modified 8 months ago
  • Netherlands

Promolding BV is an innovative company that transforms high-performance polymer technology into industrialized applications. Promolding offers its customers the whole sequence from product design, via (new) materials and process development, to manufacturing, including automation. Promolding is very active in the use of new and high-tech materials such as biodegradable materials and technical plastics with additional functionalities such as electrical conductivity and heat conductivity.

Promolding focuses on markets for high performance applications such as aircraft industry, medical devices industry, special-machine building, sensor technology and the electronics industry. In these markets there is always a strong demand for new materials with higher stiffness and strength and additional functionalities such as EMI shielding, antistatic behaviour, wear resistance, low permeability and heat dissipation.

During the last 13 years Promolding has worked (and still works) together in many national and EU-funded research programmes, such as Esprit, Ecobinders, PolyCond, Hipermoulding, GAIM gas assisted injection moulding, HYJECT: Hybrid injection moulding, MICRO-Milling, HiFlow and CONTACT CNT-filled polymer composite research and training project.

  • Laan van Ypenburg 100
    2497 GB Den Haag
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