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Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd

  • Last modified 2 months ago
  • Winchester, UK

Permabond’s comprehensive range includes a variety of adhesive technologies which aim to cater for a diverse range of bonding applications. Whether you require a fast or slow curing product, one with high peel strength or good gap filling ability, or a low shrinkage, high temperature resistant product, Permabond has the solution.

Products include several single part and two-part epoxy adhesives designed to offer ultimate bond performance on substrates such as GRP, FRP and carbon fibre as well as to a variety of different metal and plastic surfaces. Adhesives are available with several colour options to match substrates, providing an aesthetically pleasing “camouflaged” bond. Permabond also offers unique “Modified Epoxy” hybrid technology – soft and flexible epoxies with high elongation, high peel strength, toughness and durability. Their low shrinkage characteristics make them ideal for bonding thin gauge composites or metal skins which may be affected by witness marks/print through with regular adhesives.

Permabond also has a number of structural acrylic and polyurethane adhesive products, all demonstrating excellent performance on composite materials to compliment this special range. Permabond offers friendly service, free technical support and is renowned for its custom formulation development.

  • Wessex Business Park
    Colden Common
    SO21 1WP
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