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NRI Neptune Research Inc

  • Last modified 2 years ago
  • Riviera Beach, US

“NRI has focused its strategic research initiatives on the development, manufacturing and marketing of state-of-the-art pipe repair solutions that withstand the tests of time, water and other elements. The company’s Syntho-Glass® system has proven to be reliable enough for the U.S. Navy, the Coast Guard and international natural gas and oil industry conglomerates to require Syntho-Glass® availability for all pipe repairs. Founded in 1982, NRI developed its pipe repair systems for application within the marine industry. As the original inventors of the water activated, pre-impregnated composite material, NRI caught the attention of the U.S. Navy and in 1996 secured its first contract with the U.S. government requiring NRI’s Syntho-Glass® system to be standard onboard all Navy vessels. The company’s success with the U.S. Navy led to the creation of larger and more robust materials. This expansion of its product capabilities allowed for the exploration of opportunities within the natural gas and oil industries. NRI focused on further developing its original product to specifically address the pipe repair and reinforcement challenges within those unique industries. With its focus on development, NRI experienced substantial success and growth, requiring a move to a new facility in 2009. Since that time, the company has tripled in size and revenues as the demand for its solutions continues to grow. To support this demand, NRI has introduced an average of one new product per year over the last four years, with each product focusing on the company’s participation in the evolution of leak repair and pipe reinforcement. Upon the invention and patenting of our original, moisture-cured composite system in 1982, NRI has been leading the industry in next-generation research, engineering design, development, manufacture, and marketing of quality pre and field saturated composites that restore, protect and reinforce pipes, pipelines and civil structures. And today, our dedicated team of engineers and chemists are on the cutting edge of research and development, formulating, testing and designing tomorrow’s new product breakthroughs in quality composites. Leading the industry in the manufacture and installation of quality, cutting-edge composites for nearly 30 years, NRI has earned a reputation for innovative engineering solutions that have stood the test of time. With a focus on developing and engineering quality moisture-curable carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar® and other aramid composite solutions, NRI can retrofit and reinforce defects and anomalies to original specifications in pipes, pipelines and civil structures to help clients restore and protect their degrading or failing assets. And because NRI provides industry-leading engineering solutions in the field, we can repair and reinforce pipelines or civil structures while they remain operational, thereby saving clients millions of dollars in costs and lost revenues. When civil structures need dependable products and solutions to repair structures in a fast and cost-effective manner, they turn to NRI. We know that time lost for repair or replacement disrupts the flow of goods and services, so our quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure repair solutions are designed to ensure that operations are restored quickly or maintained effectively. Our advanced infrastructure reinforcement solutions effectively strengthen beams, columns, slabs and culverts above ground or underwater. Our quality, durable, lightweight carbon or glass composites are applied to surfaces using NRI’s patented application system. These components offer superior, long-lasting performance, even in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. From the hands-on involvement of our senior management to our product training and in-the-field engineering supervision, NRI is committed to providing our clients with the utmost in quality, reliability, durability, integrity and affordability.”

  • 3875 Fiscal Court Suite #100
    Riviera Beach

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