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National Aerospace Laboratory NLR

  • Last modified 2 months ago
  • PR Marknesse, Netherlands

NLR’s mission is to increase the sustainability, safety and efficiency of transport.

NLR is the Netherlands Aerospace Centre for identifying, developing and applying advanced technological knowledge in the area of aerospace. Our activities are relevant to society and market-oriented. We thus strengthen the innovativeness, competitiveness and effectiveness of government and business.

NLR’s strategic ambition is to be the Dutch government’s most obvious partner of choice for dealing with aerospace-related matters. NLR is also committed to being the most competitive knowledge organisation for the Dutch aerospace sector in Europe (with the best price-quality ratio). NLR will continue to expand its knowledge in the areas of air safety, environment and composites.

NLR will strengthen its (inter)national collaboration with aerospace enterprises and miscellaneous small and medium-sized companies, with KLM-Air France, Schiphol and LVNL, universities, the Netherlands Aerospace Council, the regions in the Netherlands with aerospace ambitions and with its counterparts DLR.

The necessary research and testing facilities will continue to be modernised and rationalised, as applicable. The intent is to use facilities in broader forms of collaboration, such as by strengthening the composites cluster in Flevoland. This applies to the wind tunnels in particular.

  • Voorsterweg 31
    PR Marknesse
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