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  • Last modified 3 years ago
  • Cincinnati, Ohio, US

NanoSlic is a revolutionary permanent Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating technology that can be applied to metal, glass, ceramic, polymer and other surfaces to impart a unique range of properties.

NanoSlic incorporates a revolutionary ceramic coating platform that provides outstanding protection unattainable with traditional coatings. The coating provides long lasting water and oil repellency making horizontal and vertical surfaces significantly easier to clean.

NanoSlic is a ceramic coating that is both hydrophobic and oleophobic. NanoSlic integrates three functional layers that form upon application. At the substrate interface, NanoSlic has a nanometer thick layer that chemically binds to the substrate. Above that is a ceramic layer that adds hardness, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion and scratch resistance. The top surface is another nanocoating that imparts hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, and chemical resistance. NanoSlic can be defined as a “hybrid” coating, combining the benefits of a ceramic coating and a nanocoating.

NanoSlic’s unique hybrid structure works in 3 ways:

  • Forms a dense network of strong chemical bonds to the substrate
  • Forms an inert, high-performance binder polymer layer
  • Forms a highly hydrophobic and oleophobic contact surface
NanoSlic’s unique structure and chemical composition prevent normal degradation when applied to many surfaces. This means greater efficiency, reduced maintenance, longer life and ultimately significant cost savings. NanoSlic not only adds physically protection to surfaces but also contributes to a cleaner cosmetic appearance.
NanoSlic high performance protective nanocoatings are developed and manufactured by Florida CirTech. Florida CirTech, focuses in materials chemistry which was founded by a group of chemistry specialists who have formulated numerous proprietary chemistries for electronic assembly, printed circuit board fabrication (PCBFAB) and other chemicals for manufacturing.

Leveraging their understanding of material behavior, Florida CirTech technologists recognized the need for a protective and durable, hydrophobic SMT stencil coating, especially as electronic device dimensions were becoming increasingly miniaturized and solder paste transfer efficiency more challenging. The result was the development of NanoSlic.

Since its market debut in 2014, NanoSlic has quickly become the standard among the electronics industry’s top companies. Its durable, permanent coating of both the underside of the stencil and the stencil apertures dramatically increases the number of prints between cleaning cycles and enhances the transfer of material from the stencil to the substrate for fine pitch architectures. Now licensed by leading electronics stencil technology companies worldwide, NanoSlic is enabling robust processing of today’s most challenging electronic assemblies.

NanoSlic’s benefits, however, reach far outside of the confines of the electronics industry. Non-toxic and highly protective, NanoSlic features anti-corrosion properties and protects against water, oils, chemicals, abrasion and harmful UV rays. It’s protective and durable properties boost performance and extend product life. In addition to electronics, NanoSlic’s unique qualities are equally effective in coating domestic appliances, marine surfaces, automotive parts and so much more.

  • FCT Assembly
    1309 N 17th Ave
    Greeley CO 80631 US
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