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Lawrence Industries Ltd.

  • Last modified 2 years ago
  • Tamworth, UK

Your customer has set a challenge and you are looking for raw materials to overcome a technical hurdle. Or, maybe you are looking for security of supply on a raw material, supplied by a reputable and customer-oriented UK chemicals distributor. If so, then get in touch with Lawrence Industries on 01827 314151 or visit our website at We are one of the leading speciality chemical and mineral suppliers in the UK, partnered with companies known the world over for their quality and innovation. All of our sales managers are chemistry graduates with years of industry experience so you can be sure to get some useful advice too.

Some of our key product ranges for the composites market:

  • 3M – Hollow glass bubbles for lightweight and dimensionally-stable composites.
  • Boron nitride for thermally conductive and electrically insulating composites.
  • ASK Chemicals – ASKOFEN for RFL bonding systems and friction composites. Donacarbo pitch-based carbon fibres for anti-static composites. Graphitised and non-graphitised forms available.
  • AVL Metal Powders – Metal powders (aluminium, bronze and copper) for decorative effects in plastics.
  • BASF – Calcined (Satintone®) and hydrous (ASP®) kaolin for various polymer applications – mechanical, decorative, performance.Vinyl-functional grade available as well, for wire and cable.
  • BORICA – TYTAN™ CP organotitanate coupling agents for improving filler dispersion in polymer matrices.
  • Evonik™ – AEROSIL® fumed silica, ACEMATT® matting agents, AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides and SIPERNAT® precipitated silica for a variety of applications including mechanical reinforcement, photocatalysis, liquid carrier, anti-caking, antiblocking, matting and much more.
  • GEOTECH – Special effect pigments for decorative composite finishes.
  • ISO-ELEKTRA – Polyols and isocyanate hardeners for formulating polyurethane composites.
  • Laurel Products – Speciality PTFE, FEP and PFA powders for wear resistance and lubricity.
  • Lawrence Industries – Speciality tin oxide powders for electrically conductive and IR opaque composites.
  • Quarzwerke(HPF) – Silane-treated fillers (ATH, feldspar, fused alumina, fused silica, mica, nepheline syenite and wollastonite) for many different applications. Predominantly the tuning of composite mechanical properties.
  • Spectra Systems – Spectraguard® taggant and verification systems for security applications and brand protection.
  • TIB Chemicals – Organometallic catalysts for polymer synthesis and curing.
  • TMC – Thermochromic and photochromic pigments for failure detection and decorative effects in composites.
  • ZEOCHEM® – ZEOflair® speciality zeolites for VOC-trapping and odour reduction in polymer composites.

If you have an enquiry then please get in touch on 01827 314151 or through our website at We look forward to hearing from you and working together on your next project.

  • Lawrence House
    Lichfield Road Industrial Estate
    B79 7TA
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