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Izumi International Inc

  • Last modified 3 months ago
  • Greenville SC, US

Izumi International, Inc. was founded in 1977. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, the center of the US textile trade, Izumi International established itself by providing cutting-edge technology and spare parts for the weaving industry. A few years later, Izumi International began supplying winding machines for the carbon fiber industry which was still in its developing stage. Today, Izumi International, Inc. provides two main services: equipment for the carbon fiber and composites industry and equipment for factory automation.

Our sales staff is ready to assist! We have mechanical and electrical engineers on staff who can assist you in the selection of a component, or completely design a custom machine. We have technicians who can install new equipment and service machinery in the field (including older machinery).

  • 1 Pelham Davis Circle
    Greenville SC

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