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Hunan Common Future Arts & Crafts Corporation

  • Last modified 3 years ago
  • Hunan, China

“Our Composite Manhole Covers can be used in various applications such as inspection chambers for sewerage, underground Electrical Cabling, Telecom Cabling, Water, Gas and Petroleum Installations, Beautification of Gardens and Landscapes. Composite Gratings can be used for roadside water entrance chambers, roadside gratings and also road crossover gratings which can take load of urban traffic. These composite gratings are best suited for swimming pool applications also.
It has its own advantages over traditional materials(BMC manhole covers,SMC manhole covers,CAST IRON manhole covers,etc).
-The FRP manhole covers are Strictly manufactured according to ISO9001:2000.
-100% waterproof, Weatherproof, Corrosion free material for our GRP manhole covers.
-Contain Zero metal, no scrap value, no one will steal it.
-High load capacity for our FRP/GRP covers, it can be used in all kinds of road according to its load ablility.
-Our FRP/GRP sewer covers has very long service life(at least can be used 30 years)
-The FRP cover or the GRP covers can be made in decorative surface designs even with Logo and different granite finishes.
-Good temperature resistance from -40°c to 80°c Centigrade.
-All of our compoiste manhole covers with SGS tested approved are manufactured according to BS-EN124.”

  • 98 Wu Yi Road
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