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HTE Engineering Services Ltd

  • Last modified 2 months ago
  • Dunboyne, Ireland

HTE, are a custom automation solutions company specialising in the design and manufacturing of bespoke plastic welding and component joining equipment.

We have control of our solutions from R&D to production right through to delivery. Our services include design, prototyping, manufacture, distribution and after sales service. We offer these services for customers in the Automotive, Electronics and Medical Device industries based around the world.

HTE provide solution based equipment specific to the needs of our clients which improve the efficiency of production and inspection processes. Recognition of HTE’s value and competencies is shown through our achieved quality standards, such as the ISO:9001 accreditation.


•    Pulse Staking- The Pulse Staker is HTE’s patented heat staking technology which provides instantaneous heating and cooling.

•    Pulse Fusion – Pulse Fusion is a technique to bond thermoplastic parts together. The main point of the method is to use a resistance wire to create local heating. The heating causes the two plastic parts to melt in the area of contact with the wire.

•    Ultrasonic Welding and Metal Insertion

•    High Frequency Induction Heating

•    Hot Air Staking

  • Unit 72, Dunboyne Business Park
    Co. Meath
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