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Graphite Additive Manufacturing

  • Last modified 2 months ago
  • Aylesbury, United Kingdom

“Graphite Additive Manufacturing builds using both Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) technologies and offer a range of different materials and finishes. Graphite differentiates itself from the competition by advising on the most suitable material choice and providing parts built with high-performance materials. Using our expertise, we can assure our customers that their parts will be fit for purpose and meet their requirements. We also orientate and prepare parts to give them the best accuracy and surface finish straight from the machine. At Graphite we are accustomed to meeting stringent demands and fast turnaround times through our work with many of the world’s F1 teams, motorsport companies and large aerospace concerns. We are also a proud Product Sponsor of the BloodhoundSSC project, providing parts for the 1000mph world land speed record car.
(® SLS is a registered trademark of 3D Systems, Inc.)”

  • 7 Bridgegate Business Park
    Gatehouse Way
    HP19 8XN
    United Kingdom
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Graphite Additive Manufacturing Offers 3D Printed Mandrels

Graphite Additive Manufacturing Offers 3D Printed Mandrels

25th September 2018 0 comments

Graphite Additive Manufacturing’s stereolithography (SLA) process produces 3D printed mandrels suitable for manufacturing complex composite parts.


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