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  • Spain

The Dilutec is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in the manufacture of chemicals – thinner and gelcoat -. And distribution of raw materials and equipment for the composites industry was founded in 1995 to meet the diverse needs of industrial, metallurgical, automotive , furniture, civil and marine construction, among others, from the provision of specific and differentiated products and services. 

With production facilities in Piracicaba (SP) and Senador Canedo (GO), the Dilutec stands out for its agility and flexibility in customer service located in all regions of Brazil and South America. Always with high performance products and environmentally friendly.  

the Dilutec is also partner companies are the world leaders in their respective segments, if the BÜFAtec Spain, German group member snorts and one of the largest manufacturers of machinery for the world’s composite molding -. their equipment are distributed in Brazil exclusively by Dilutec. 

Another partner Dilutec, the US Ashland, is a company present in over 100 countries, which develops specialty chemicals and technologies for a wide variety of markets such as construction and architecture, coatings, food & beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, personal care and energy.

  • Abelardo R. Benedicto Liborio
    1480 - Grass Thin
    Industrial District - Uninorte
    CEP: 13413-071
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Latest news from Dilutec

Dilutec Predicts Demand for Swimming Pools Gelcoats

18th September 2019 0 comments

With the mould maintenance phase now concluded, much of the Brazilian composites sector is now turning to the beginning of the swimming pool manufacturing season. 

Dilutec Achieves ISO 9001:2015

1st April 2019 0 comments

Brazilian manufacturer of gelcoat and thinner, Dilutec has just had its quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Dilutec´s Gelcoats Meet Shipyard Requirements

Dilutec´s Gelcoats Meet Shipyard Requirements

17th July 2018 0 comments

Brazilian company Dilutec has developed a complete gelcoat portfolio for shipyards, for applications ranging from the manufacture of the boat mould to small repairs of the hulls and decks.

Dilutec Celebrates 23 Years

Dilutec Celebrates 23 Years

19th June 2018 0 comments

Brazilian gelcoat and thinner manufacturer Dilutec celebrates 23 years in business this month.

Dilutec Launches UL 94-Compliant Gelcoat

Dilutec Launches UL 94-Compliant Gelcoat

10th April 2018 0 comments

Dilutec has launched the Colorgel FR LE gel-coat, which complies with the UL 94 (V-0) plastics flammability standard and is characterised by the low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Dilutec Gelcoat Meets Shipyard Requirements

8th August 2017 0 comments

Dilutec reports that its Colorgel Marine gelcoat meets the requirements of both shipyards and ship owners.

Dilutec Signs Distribution Agreement with Percilglass

Dilutec Signs Distribution Agreement with Percilglass

27th June 2017 0 comments

Dilutec has signed an agreement with Percilglass for exclusive distribution of its gel-coat products in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Dilutec Expands Synthetic Marble Gel-coat Portfolio

Dilutec Expands Synthetic Marble Gel-coat Portfolio

9th May 2017 0 comments

Dilutec is expanding its portfolio of gel-coats for the production of synthetic marble. The Brazilian company recently started selling Colorgel Marble, which is designed to ensure high gloss and enhanced coverage to manufacturers of sinks, tanks and washbasins, and other products.

BÜFAtec Spain Looks for Opportunities in the Brazilian Wind Power Market

21st March 2017 0 comments

BÜFAtec Spain intends to expand its presence in Brazil in 2017 by doing business with companies of the wind power sector.

Dilutec Produces Tailor-made Gelcoats to Stand Out from the Competition

22nd November 2016 0 comments

Dilutec sought to stand out by producing tailor-made gelcoats and today, it has a portfolio of more than 300 items, the largest of its kind in Brazil.