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Centri Designs started in the apartment of one car enthusiast who recognised the potential of carbon fiber as a common material for everyday use. After designing and quickly running out of the three initial prototypes, the coaster, money clip, and bottle opener keychain, he realised the opportunity was there to share the carbon fiber designs with the world on a larger scale. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, we have expanded to create products people love.

While brainstorming with a friend about carbon fibre, new products, and life, Centri Designs was derived from the ever-present fact that carbon is a central element of life. Each piece in Centri Design’s line of carbon fiber products was created with four concepts in mind: elegance, simplicity, innovation, and utility

Our goal is simple: Provide high quality products that people can’t help but show off to friends, while offering the best possible customer service. We use our products every day, and believe you will as well.

Carbon fibre is known for being primarily used by automotive and aerospace enthusiasts. We want to bridge the gap between the commercial and scientific application of carbon fibre and its everyday accessibility for use in our daily lives. We strive to design products that do just that. Who knew the same material that is used in building the world’s fastest cars, the most advanced fighter jets, and helps transport supplies to the International Space Station could also be used to open your beer and then fit right in your pocket. We have realised a day where carbon fiber will be used in everyday life, and we want you to be a part of that reality.

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