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  • CH-1700 Fribourg , Switzerland

“Since its founding in 2011, Bcomp has been focusing on understanding the specificity of natural fibers and their composites, and developing corresponding solutions bringing striking benefits – in addition to the lower ecological footprint – to the end product.
A first example of such a game changing innovation is the bCore technology (pat. pend.), a structural core material with significantly higher mechanical properties when compared to standard structural foams, increasing the shear properties by a factor 5-10, the compression properties by 2-3. All light and performing new age skis are built with the bCores today.
Bcomp has also developed a range of flax fibre preforms called ampliTex©, comprising different types of flax fabrics. Our non crimp fabrics are the preforms leading to the strongest and stiffest natural fibre composites currently on the market. The ampliTex® light fabrics further lead to a 20% increase in strength of the final composite part. New design options for the interiour of vehicles will be presented during the CE 2015.
The newest development is a novel reinforcment for thinwalled composite structures. The powerRibs combine a very high flexural stiffness and strength with outstanding damping properties. For a given weight, flexural stiffness of plates and flexural strength of tubes reach values comparable to carbon fibre composites, outperforming aluminium or glass fibre composites by a factor 12 and 6, respectively. There are numerous applications for this material in industries such as sports and leisure, automotive and transportation.
In addition to their high stiffness-to-weight ratio, the powerRibs boost the damping properties of composite parts. In recent study mandated by the Swiss Space Center, Bcomp further analyzed the damping properties of hybrid flax-carbon composites. For a given weight and after optimizing the flax fibre orientation, a carbon-flax-carbon sandwich structure showed an increase in bending stiffness and damping properties of 15 %, respectively, when compared to the full carbon reference material. While similar stiffness increase was reached with the carbon-flax powerRibs sample, the damping was increased by 250 %.
An eco superior company. It all started in 2003, when Cyrille Boinay with his carbon fiber skis stepped up to the two EPFL doctorates Christian Fischer and Julien Rion. While the synthetic fibers where lightweight and robust, they provided too much spryness and disturbance on the snow, which the researchers went about to change. During this process, they discovered the damping characteristics of natural fibers and used these advantages for the development of two patented technologies.”

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    CH-1700 Fribourg
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