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Argosy International Inc.

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  • New York, US

Established in the US in 1988, Argosy focused on the commercial aerospace market in Asia after becoming the material solutions provider for composite materials and specialty chemicals to a major aerospace manufacturer. Argosy opened its first overseas office in Taiwan. Argosy became a key supplier to China and was well positioned when outsourcing to Asia by aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Sikorsky, Honeywell and Eurocopter took off in 2000. To serve this market, Argosy opened offices in Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai, China as well as in Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Australia. Argosy is an approved supplier to every major aerospace contractor in Asia, excluding Japan.

We serve several markets but concentrate on aerospace, automotive, tooling and prototyping for industry and electronics. Argosy provides specialty chemical products including tooling resins, adhesives, coatings, potting compounds, specialty tapes, film adhesives, honeycomb, sealants, prepregs and high performance fabrics.

Argosy provides a range of services including material cutting and kitting; Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) distribution; logistics; energy efficiency through comprehensive green building services; production optimisation software; and technical support. We make our customer’s processes easier and more efficient. Our unique approach with Composites Manufacturing Services focuses on creating value for customers by optimising costs, production efficiency, and material utilization.

Argosy Shanghai Aerospace Materials (ASAM) in Shanghai, China blends and provides aerospace coatings. Argosy XAC Composite Materials (AXAC) in Xian, China manufactures honeycomb core products. Argosy Composite Advanced Materials (ACAM) in Huntsville, Alabama provides value-added honeycomb core cutting facilities. VMI, composite cutting, and kitting facilities include Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials (ATAM) in Taichung, Taiwan and Argosy Xian Aerospace Materials (AXAM) in Xian, China.

  • 225 W 34th Street
    New York
    NY 10121

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