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ACI Fibreglass

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  • Prague, Czech Republic

The company started its activity already in the year 1946, when under the name Acidotechna the first company dealing with corrosion prevention esp. in chemical industry started its activity. After the year 1948 the company was nationalized, transferred to the building industry sector and extended its activities as a sole supplier to all sectors of the national economy. In that time the basic classic technology used in corrosion prevention of building structures and technological equipment was ceramic tiling and lining, using bedding and jointing cements based on inorganic ( water glass) or organic ( phenolic and furane resins) bonds. At the same time a research and testing laboratory has been established, which continues its activity up to now. Already in the sixties extended the company its portfolio not only to new types of cements ( based on polyester and epoxy resins) but also on new preventive systems like jointless floors and trowelled or laminated coatings. After the fall of the national enterprise in 1992 a new private company Acidotechna Ltd. was established and most of the experts and technicians as well as the know-how, technological equipment and laboratories were taken over to the new private company Acidotechna Ltd.

Because of the decline of the chemical industry, the portfolio of the company was extended on the branch of jointless synthetic floors and a new multifunctional flooring system called ACIFLOOR has been applied. Today the company has a staff of approx. 40 employees and its turnover is about 60 – 70 mills Kč a year. Its nominal capital is 1 mill Kč. In the new object in Slaný are situated new lines for production of chemical resistant mortars ( ACIMAL® ) and trowel applied coatings ( FUGACID® ), a large storehouse and a research and testing laboratory ( which controls the quality of raw materials and end products).

The present assortment of produced and applied materials covers the common European market choice: bedding and jointing cements based on phenolic, furane, epoxy, vinylester and polyurethane resins or water-glass bond, polyurethane, vinylester and epoxy trowelled compounds, epoxy and vinylester reinforced linings ( laminates), polyurethane, vinylester and epoxy jointless floor coatings and many other products.

  • Michelská 12a
    145 01 Praha 4 Czech Republic
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