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What’s the correct lay up procedure to produce a balanced laminate?

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When using 2×2 twill 3k carbon fibre (or similar), what orientations should I place the layers to produce a balanced laminate sheet?

  • Asked by agurner4
  • 09:47 on 5th August 2019


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The most impartant thing to remember when laying up your panel is that it should be symmetric to minimise internal residual stresses and warping of the laminates. The plies should be symmetric about the mid-plane. The orientation of the plies ie (0, 45, 90 degrees) will depend on the application and the load conditions of the laminate. Angle plies, for example, are good for carrying shear loads, while 0 and 90 are good for carrying tensile and compressive loads.

Lucy Bull
  • Answered by Lucy Bull
  • 15:47 on 5th August 2019

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