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What do I need to know if I choose to work with the ‘7781 style E-glass’ fabric?

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Tala Abbasian


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This is an ‘8-harness satin’ that is commonly used in the aerospace sector with minimal crimp and good drape properties. This weave style is slightly biased as it has extra yarns in the warp direction compared to the weft. This weave style is also not symmetric so it is very important to keep a clear record and mark up the plies with the warp direction in order to do the right laminate lay-up.

To achieve a flat laminate it is important to keep the number of plies even and have the same number facing ‘up’ as facing ‘down’. Also be aware that due to the difference between the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the fabric the flexural properties can be sensitive to this. Fibres parallel to the test direction have a stronger effect the closer and flatter they are to the outer faces. For example, a laminate with the majority warp faces outwards generally perform better when tested in the warp direction under bending.


Tala Abbasian

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