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On 1st January 2020, NetComposites' media assets including, newsletters and conferences were transferred to Composites World (Gardner Business Media).

This site is no longer being updated. Please direct all enquiries to

For further details see our joint press release.

Q&A Community Guidelines

Asking a question


Provide a one-line summary, phrased as a question. For example, “What is areal weight?” or “What manufacturing process is suitable for producing low-volume composite parts?”

Question Description

Use the description to give some more detail about your question and what you’re trying to achieve. Ensure your question relates to composite materials, their manufacturing, processing and application.

Please only ask questions that can be answered, not just discussed. Keep questions short and simple with sufficient detail to enable someone to answer, sharing your research.


To enable users to find relevant content, news stories, events, jobs and questions is categorised. Provide at least one tag to describe your question.

For a full list of tags, see our categories page.

Answering a question

Review the question and provide a detailed, well researched answer. Try to answer with facts and not opinion.

Answers should be original – do not plagiarise content from other sites.

Actually answer the question. Links to external sites are welcome, but an answer with nothing more than a link doesn’t help our users, especially if that link becomes broken in the future.

Questions can have multiple answers and the one with the most upvotes will appear at the top of the list.

Editing other users’ questions and answers

Users with sufficient reputation will be able to edit other users’ questions and answers. Do this to improve the clarity of what’s being asked or answered to for other users of this site.

Voting on questions and answers

Users with sufficient reputation (see list below) can upvote and downvote questions and answers. You can only vote once each per question and answer and votes can’t be revoked once cast.

  • Upvote questions/answers which you think are useful, well-written and researched.
  • Downvote questions which you think aren’t useful or are asking opinion (such as “Is X better than Y?”).
  • Downvote answers which don’t answer the question or don’t provide sufficient detail.


Use the comments section to discuss further points (and give opinion) relating to the question and answers (like asking for clarification / more detail) which don’t necessarily fit as an answer.

General Points

Stay on-topic

Ensure your question relates to composite materials.

No self-promotion

Links to your blog, website, services or products will almost always be removed.

Don’t Be a Jerk

Personal attacks and harassment will not be tolerated. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalisations about groups of people are simply not allowed. Comments or discussions written intentionally to provoke will also be removed.

Reputation Levels

The list below shows the required reputation to perform a particular action. You can gain (and lose) reputation by interacting with the site.

  • 1 Create a job
  • 1 Comment on own answer
  • 1 Create a supplier
  • 1 Create an event
  • 1 Comment on event
  • 1 Comment news article
  • 1 Comment on own question
  • 1 Create a question
  • 1 Create an answer
  • 5 Upvote a question
  • 5 Upvote an answer
  • 10 Comment on other user's question
  • 10 Comment on other user's answer
  • 125 Downvote an answer
  • 125 Edit another user's question
  • 125 Downvote a question
  • 125 Edit another user's answer

Reputation Increments

The list below shows reputation increments for various actions on the site. For example, if one your your questions is upvoted, you will gain 5, however if it is downvoted, then you will lose -2.

All users start with 1 and will never go lower than this value.

Reputation can be lost as well as gained - if an answer is downvoted, then the answerer will lose -2 AND the voter will lose -1.

  • -2 Your question was downvoted
  • -2 Your answer was downvoted
  • -1 You downvoted an answer
  • 0 You upvoted an answer
  • 0 You upvoted a question
  • 0 You downvoted a question
  • 1 Your account was created
  • 5 Your question was upvoted
  • 10 Your answer was upvoted