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Zyvex and ENVE Provide First Nano-Enhanced Carbon Fibre Downhill Bike Rim

  • Friday, 18th May 2012
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Zyvex Technologies and ENVE Composites have formed an exclusive partnership to provide a bicycle rim specifically for downhill mountain biking that uses the latest advanced materials comprised of nano-enhanced carbon fibre.

According to Zyvex, this new bicycle rim gives a significant competitive advantage to the downhill cycling market as proven during the last year in development and testing. The ENVE rim provides performance benefits to all downhill cyclists including those that compete at the highest levels of World Cup racing.

ENVE used Zyvex Technologies’ nano-enhanced carbon fibre technology called Arovex, which is a carbon nanotube and graphene engineered composite material that uses the proprietary Kentera technology to create chemical bonds on the carbon nanotubes. Zyvex explains that it provides an advantage in toughness without compromising strength. It also protects from fracture damage.  ENVE has an exclusive license for this advanced technology for cycling applications.

ENVE developed the first nano-enhanced carbon fibre downhill bike with the intention of its riders winning a World Cup. After being in development for over a year, the rim carried ENVE sponsored rider Greg Minnaar to victory at the 2012 World Cup opener in South Africa.

“The ENVE-Zyvex partnership introduces the first carbon fibre rim specifically designed for the downhill cyclist. During development and testing the wheels have won over 50 podiums in competitions around the world. These results validate ENVE’s success using Zyvex’s Arovex. Downhill racing is extreme in nature. The fact that these new rims have survived the most challenging tracks in the world make them truly one-of-a-kind,” noted Jason Schiers, Founder of ENVE Composites.

Zyvax says that most notable is an unprecedented increase in durability, strength, and stiffness over traditional alloy offerings on the market.  Often, top level teams will need to change rims more than 180 times during a season.  World Cup downhill racing champion Steve Peat raced on one pair of the ENVE wheels during the entire 2011 season. Traditional aluminum rims historically lasted him a mere one to three runs.

“Nano-enhanced carbon fibre wheels are changing what people expect from a bike’s ride quality. Being the first nano-enhanced carbon fibre downhill clincher to win a World Cup is difficult. We are changing the game. The new ENVE rims are the best riding and the most durable rims on the market today,” concluded Schiers.

The new rim design shows significant technical and competitive advantages in this demanding market.

“The use of carbon atoms in the 21st century will be as significant as the use of silicon in the 20th century. Zyvex Technologies is the first company to globally commercialize nano-enhanced products from carbon atoms,” said Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Technologies. “The value of building a $40-billion supply chain in less than four years means that partners like Composites One convey these advances to companies like ENVE that are constantly innovating products. Our advanced materials weigh less and have increased strength. We are changing the way products are manufactured and perform,” said Criscuolo.

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