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Yokohama Rubber Receives Certification for Prepreg for Fairings on A380

  • Sunday, 2nd July 2006
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Yokohama Rubber has earned a certification from Airbus for prepreg for A380 fairings, to become the first Japanese manufacturer to be eligible to supply prepreg for Airbus aircraft.

Yokohama’s prepreg for the A380 is epoxy resin reinforced with carbon fibre, for the fairings installed under the wings where they meet the fuselage. The wing fairings on the A380 comprise honeycomb cores sandwiched between panels of fibre-reinforced epoxy.

Reduced environmental impact and simplified moulding are said to heighten the appeal of the prepreg developed by Yokohama for the A380. Yokohama also supplies an extensive range of components and materials for aircraft, and is the sole supplier of drinking-water tanks and lavatory waste-water tanks for the A380. The company is also working to secure certifications for prepreg for A380 components besides fairings.

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