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Weaving Gets a New Dimension

  • Thursday, 15th April 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Biteam AB, a small Swedish R&D company, is pioneering the development of Dual-Directional Weaving processes for manufacturing high-performance materials.

Two methods have been developed that interlace a multiple layer warp with two mutually perpendicular sets of multiple wefts to directly produce countless varieties of profiled cross-sectional materials. These path-breaking methods, whereby interlacing is achieved in both vertical and horizontal directions of warp, are enabled by two novel dual-directional shedding methods that alternately create multiple sheds in the two directions.

These developments, called Dual-Directional Weaving, are a whole new concept and cannot be performed using existing weaving equipment and practice. Their practicability have been demonstrated in laboratory.

Two different types of Dual-Directional Weaving systems, Standard and Spatial, are now being developed for commercial application. Both these methods are suitable for structural composite materials, among other applications like ballistic protection and medical implants, because a combination of desired properties can be directly engineered in a network-like 3D structure. Properties like fibre content, crimp and structural integrity can be controlled according to needs. By design, both these types of processes are gentle to brittle fibres and flexible in producing shell, tubular and solid types of profiled materials directly.

Biteam was founded in 1997 by entrepreneurs Fredrik Winberg and Nandan Khoka.

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