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WARDJet and the AMRC with Boeing Open House

  • Tuesday, 8th January 2013
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

WARDJet invites readers to attend its open house in Sheffield, UK, at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing.

The open house will take place on January 30th – 31st  and visitors will see first-hand one of the largest 5-axis waterjet cutting combination 5-axis milling systems in the world.

WARDJet says it built this machine in response to the rapidly growing composites industry where a large cutting envelope and automated processes are desired. With milling and waterjet cutting married in this one machine, the need to move fixtures for large parts is eliminated thus increasing accuracy and significantly decreasing downtime.

The unique GCM-Series machine is designed to allow a single part to be processed with 24,000 rpm 5-axis milling and 5-axis waterjet cutting without moving the part. The cutting envelope is split with one section having a standard waterjet tank, leaving the remainder of the cutting envelope open to allow very large or heavy parts to be mounted onto the floor. The cutting envelope also allows 1.5 m of Z travel for both the mill and the waterjet. The water cutting head is mounted to a non-fouling Z-Carriage which allows 360 degrees of cutting both inside and outside large, cylindrical parts. With the unique Infini Winder 5-axis waterjet cutting head, the machine can cut 360 degrees without the need to unwind. As a result, programming parts which require rotation of the cutting head is that much easier.

WARDJet is pleased to join with the AMRC with Boeing in opening this event. Opportunities to tour this custom GCM-Series 5-axis waterjet and milling system will be coupled with short tours of some of the latest technological advancements that the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing has to offer.


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