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VS6C – New System for Injection of Single Component Resins

  • Friday, 4th September 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP) has released a new system for the injection of single component resins – the V6SC ThermoJect Injection System. The system has already been sent for field testing and the results are reported to exceed the expectations of MVP.

The New V6SC ThermoJect Injection System is said to provide control of pressure and flow with accurate temperature control prior to reaching the mould cavity.

The water temperature control approach aims to ensure that there are no overheating issues, which provides longer pot life of unused resin.

MVP says that because the V6SC ThermoJect is powered entirely by pneumatics, it is more rugged and safer to operate. The hot water temperature control source can be placed many meters away from the moulding area and connected to the machine by 10mm flexible pipes.

Pressure control set point can be infinitely adjusted between 0.5 and 10 bar utilising a unique, all pneumatic pressure control circuit to govern the machines output.

All resin fluid sections, including the pump, external pipes and flow direction valves and pressure control system, are temperature controlled using a common recirculation flow of hot water. This system can go from start-up to optimal heat in approximately 15 minutes. MVP say that the system’s actuated valve control allows instant resin test samples to be taken to quantify bubble free/de-gassed resin and pumped flow efficiency.

To operate, the system needs only a clean air supply, and MVP can supply the temperature control day tank, and a remote PID controlled water heating system, which assists in meeting ATEX and CE standards.

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