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Vinyl Polyester Resins Introduced by Reichhold

  • Friday, 26th January 2001
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Reichhold, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of polymer resins for composites, has introduced a revolutionary new family of Vinyl Polyester resins. Marketed under the DION VPE 7100 trade name, Reichhold’s patent-pending vinyl polyester resins provide fabricators with a blend of strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, high temperature performance, ease of fabrication and low styrene content that has never before been offered to the industry. The resins provide very low-monomer content (less than 35%), helping fabricators control emissions and workplace styrene levels. In addition, the low viscosities provide easy fabrication by conventional methods, whether thixotropic or unthixed versions are needed. The glass-wetting properties are evident not only during fabrication, but also in final laminate appearance and mechanical properties. Laminates based on DION VPE 7100 provide strength and toughness comparable to high-performance vinyl ester resins at both ambient and elevated temperatures.Testing has demonstrated that the corrosion resistance of thixotropic DION VPE7100-00 resin is equal to or better than the best corrosion-resistant isophthalic resins in most acidic, aqueous and bleach environments. It is clearly superior to isophthalic resins in certain alkaline conditions. DION VPE100 resins are ideal for most applications requiring high laminate strength, toughness and heat resistance, including corrosion-resistant FRP equipment, structural laminates for severe corrosion applications, tooling and marine laminates. Two versions are presently available. DION VPE7100-00 is prepromoted and thixotropic. It is designed for flowcoater, sprayup and hand layup fabrication. DION VPE7100-05 is unpromoted and unthixed, and is ideal for filament winding, RTM, and other applications requiring the fabrication flexibility of unpromoted resin. For more information on VPE resins, visit the VPE website

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