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Vinyl Ester Resins For Marine Submersibles

  • Friday, 16th December 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Scott Bader’s Crystic vinyl ester resins have been specified for the production of an exciting range of marine submersibles manufactured by Exomos.

This highly renowned company is based in Dubai and produces craft for both personal and professional applications. The innovative creator behind the Exomos company is Hervé Jaubert, whose team have combined technology, performance, and creativity with cutting-edge engineering and safety for a range of single and multi person craft that can dive safely to depths of between 18 and 40 metres, taking as many as 22 passengers in their flagship “Proteus” fully-submersible yacht.

Advanced hydrodynamic design principles have been used to reduce functional and form drag for these products, made using Crystic 65PA gelcoat with Scott Bader’s new Crystic VE676 vinyl ester laminating resin, reinforced with combination glass matt and carbon fibre. Both these resins play a major part in achieving the high-gloss finishes with low surface resistance required for the moulded body parts.

Hervé Jaubert, Chief Executive Officer for Exomos stated ‘building submarines to standards which exceed certification requirements is a must for Exomos, and in this regard our hulls are built with the highest quality Crystic vinyl ester resins that only Scott Bader is able to provide us.’

A thixotropic DCPD-modified vinyl ester resin, Crystic VE679PA is also available for use as a skincoat in marine applications or for mould making. This is also claimed to have excellent blister resistance, prevent surface defects in the laminate appearing on the external surface and significantly reduce the occurrence of fibre print-through.

Scott Bader has Vinyl Ester production and blending facilities in their plants in Croatia, Dubai, South Africa, UK and France.

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