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Victrex Introduces Victrex ST polymer

  • Monday, 11th May 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

demanding environments, specifically in applications requiring a combination of high temperature, mechanical performance and dimensional stability.

The new polymer launches with two grades: STG45 polymer (an unfilled granule grade) and ST45GL30 polymer (a glass-filled granule grade).

Technology Director, Dr. John Grasmeder, says, “We developed Victrex ST polymer to meet customers’ expressed needs for a high performance material with improved mechanical performance at higher temperatures while maintaining Victrex PEEK’s properties of purity, electrical resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and low permeability/moisture absorption.”

When compared to other unfilled/unreinforced polymers, Victrex say that ST STG45 has improved mechanical performance especially in the temperature range from 150°C to 200°C and that the ST ST45GL30 grade features a heat distortion temperature of 380°C and therefore opens up new application opportunities for customers who work at temperatures over 300°C.

Victrex ST polymer is expected to be a metal replacement option for many types of applications such as seals, disk drive carriers, connectors, turbo charger impellers, rings, test sockets, wire coatings and valve plates.

“Victrex continues to stay focused on the design and development of polyketones,” concluded Grasmeder. “Our portfolio is the broadest range on the market today and offers customers the flexibility to choose from dozens of blends and compounds. As customers look for a combination of deep expertise and high quality, Victrex Polymer Solutions is well positioned to meet their needs.”

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