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Verton Composite Provides New Solution for Down-Hole Centralisers

  • Friday, 12th December 2003
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Claimed to deliver sustainable, long-term performance in one of the toughest working environments, a unique Verton composite was developed for Ezee-glider 2000 centralisers used in down-hole oil, gas and water well applications.

The Ezee-glider 2000, designed by Brunel Oilfield Services (UK) Ltd, is claimed to provide a lighter, stronger and more durable solution for liner, casing and screen centralisation in borehole finishing operations, weighing between six and 3 times less than aluminium or zinc alloys commonly used for this application.

Centralisers perform a vital function in the preparation of an oil well. They are positioned to keep the steel pipes, with which the well is lined, in the centre of the borehole creating a uniform space around the pipe into which cement slurry is pumped and which, when hardened, prevents the borehole from collapsing and also prevent unwanted fluids entering the well.from the wellbore..

Reliable centralisation is of particular importance as most new wells being drilled have high inclinations or are horizontal and inadequate centralisation makes it impossible to achieve a uniform cement sheath around the bore pipe.

The new centralisers have already been successfully run in a range of sizes, in a number of casing and liner installations, at up to 93° inclination and to over 7,900 meters depth. To date over 100 miles of wells have been completed with a 100% success record.

The BP UK Southern North Sea Drilling Team was an early adopter of this new technology, and selected the product for an extremely challenging well. As the team stated ”We viewed this application as challenging for any centraliser and we identified this design type as being the best for the job despite it not being run before. The centralisers were chosen for their robustness, low friction factors and ease of handling.“

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