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Venator to Launch Ultra-low Moisture TiO2 Pigment

  • Thursday, 26th September 2019
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

At K 2019 in October, Venator will launch a new titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment to the global plastics industry. 

TIOXIDE TR29 is Venator’s highest performing white pigment for low moisture applications and demanding processing conditions. Combining ultra-low moisture content, with excellent dispersion properties and a high packing fraction, TIOXIDE TR29 is designed for use in the manufacture of highly technical thin films, and in engineering polymers where moisture sensitivity is a consideration.

Made using a carefully modified and controlled manufacturing process, TIOXIDE TR29 can be used to create masterbatches with a very high TiO2 loading, while maintaining a high throughput rate and a low specific energy requirement – which can potentially reduce production and transportation costs compared to multipurpose masterbatch grades. 

In the manufacture of technical multi-layer films, the low moisture content of TIOXIDE TR29 enables converters to produce thinner films with a reduced risk of lacing. This enables the manufacture of high quality packaging materials that are less likely to fail from lower raw material utilisation, thereby helping to reduce plastic waste.

Integrated into moisture sensitive engineering polymers such as ABS and polycarbonate, TIOXIDE TR29 can provide whitening properties without causing moisture or volatile induced failure. Potential applications include earphones and smartphone shells; ski masks; and air conditioning units.          

During K 2019, Venator will also be promoting other products from its extensive range of white pigments, colour pigments and performance additives. In its white pigments range, Venator will be highlighting its SACHTOLITH products. These soft, white pigments can be used in a variety of niche applications including the production of glass fibre reinforced plastics; and as a metal deactivator in white cable and wire compounds. Key products include SACHTOLITH HDS and SACHTOLITH L plus SACTOLITH TC – a brand new product designed to improve the thermal conductivity of polymer systems, without any increase in electrical conductivity. When it comes to colour pigments, Venator will use K to promote its portfolio of innovative inorganic pigments including heat stable yellow and red iron oxides, ultramarines, complex inorganic color pigments (CICPs) and chromium oxides.

Visit Venator at K 2019 at Stand K11 in Hall 8a, 16-23 October 2019 at Dusseldorf Messe, Germany.

Image provided by Venator

For more information visit:

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