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URT Group to Spend over 1000 Hours on Super Sonic Car

  • Tuesday, 7th May 2013
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

URT Group are working as an official technical partner on the Bloodhound SSC land speed record project and will spend more than 1,000 hours building the car’s carbon fibre monocoque structure, which houses the cockpit and front sub-frame, as well as its nosecone, air intake and seat.

URT state its involvement in Bloodhound is calling on its experience of manufacturing composite components for a previous land speed record breaker, the JCB Dieselmax, as well as its work with a number of front-running Formula 1 teams.

URT Founding Director, Matt Cox said, “Bloodhound SSC is a fantastic demonstration of British engineering ingenuity, ambition and excellence. Undertaking such a critical role in the project is very exciting for us.”

Andy Green, who will be attempting to break his current land speed record in the Bloodhound SSC, commented, “The sheer level of skill and precision exercised in creating the bespoke components for Bloodhound is extraordinary. We’ve chosen URT because it is the best specialist composites manufacturer in the world. Components made by URT are subject to huge stresses because of their applications on race tracks or in theatres of war. It’s reassuring for me to know the quality of the work that I’ll be depending upon.”

URT says the Bloodhound SSC will be subject to huge g-forces when the car is accelerating, at a rate of 40mph per second, to speeds greater than that of a bullet fired from a Magnum 357 handgun. In spring 2014, Bloodhound will attempt to break the current land speed record, set in 1997 by Thrust SSC at 763mph. Later next year, it is expected that Bloodhound will go faster still, aiming to exceed speeds of 1,000mph.

Picture provided by URT Group.

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