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UNStudio Design Stand for Premier Composite Technologies Constructed Entirely of Composites

  • Monday, 11th July 2011
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

UNStudio’s design for the Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) stand at 100% Design presents a construction based on the repetition of a single geometric module.

The stand is moulded from carbon glass fibre and epoxy resin composite combined with a structural foam core, and PCT explain the repeated assembled units capitalise on the lightweight and extreme strength properties of the composite materials and create the potential for highly customised architectural configurations.

Ben van Berkel, UNStudio Designer, said “With Modular Fabrication we celebrate both the inherent qualities of composite materials and the technological expertise in the manufacturing of these. The installation celebrates the spatial possibilities created by the material and the ways that this can be appropriated in architecture.”

The installation covers an area of 50m2, and is designed to develop like a magnified molecular structure, engaging the visitor whilst simultaneously informing about the technological capabilities of Premier Composite Technologies and highlighting the potential for the use of composite materials in architecture.

According to Ben van Berkel, “Modular Fabrication plays with new readings connected to the science of observing and experiencing spatial arrangements. It deals with the perception of space and the possibility for the creation of social cohesion.”

UNStudio say that designing with the specific characteristics of a material in mind enables the architect to explore the boundaries of the design performance at its best and prototyping is a fundamental exercise, employed to explore new technological possibilities and their social impact when applied in public installations. They say that modular fabrication presents an all-round concept; a “”compressed”” (synthetic) statement incorporating some of the most relevant topics in the discipline of architecture today; sustainability, efficiency, capital costs, operational costs, etc., combined with innovation, abstraction and experimental form making on all scales.

Ben van Berkel explains, “the installation shows that through science and critical knowledge we can today develop the profession of architecture through the invention and production of new, highly effective products.”

The Premier Composite Technologies/UNStudio collaboration installation will be on display within the 100% Materials section of 100% Design London, held from the 22nd to 25th September 2011, Earls Court.

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