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UK’s Foresight Project Introducing the Green into Transport

  • Friday, 1st April 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Putting the ‘green’ into everyday transport, maintaining the UK’s competitiveness and identifying new robust, sustainable and safe solutions to transport infrastructure challenges, are just a few of the issues a new Foresight project announced today will be investigating.

The Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Project is looking up to 50 years ahead at the possible opportunities and benefits developments in science and technology can make to transport systems.

It is covering topics such as:
how we can minimise the environmental impacts of transport through technology;
what effect future approaches to transport will have on society;
balancing minimising costs and maintaining competiveness; and
how future demands on the transport infrastructure will effect planning.

Transport Minister, David Jamieson, who is leading the project, said that “”good transport is essential for a successful economy and society. If we do nothing congestion will increase resulting in higher costs, delays and damage to the environment, health and the economy. This project builds on the DfT’s 30 year strategy, enabling Government to take a joined-up, long-term, strategic view and ensure that the strategies we develop now will be the best solutions for the future.”

Sir David King, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, who heads up the Foresight programme said “this project will provide vital information to identify the opportunities science and technology can offer future transport infrastructure, for a co-ordination system that can deliver the robust, sustainable and safe services that we need.””

The project will bring together Government, industry, academia, research councils and professional bodies to inform long-term strategic planning. The outcomes of the project will be presented in December 2005.

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