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TSE-EcoWinder Resin Applicator Wins ACE Award for Composites Excellence at CAMX 2014

  • Tuesday, 21st October 2014
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

The TSE-EcoWinder is a patented, dripless, high-speed resin applicator designed to work with TSE’s polyurethane resin for filament winding. TSE’s resin applicator also works with standard epoxy resins.

According to TSE, current resin applicators waste at least 5% of the resin being applied by immersing the strands into a resin bath, soaking them with excessive amounts of resin, and then shooting those strands to a spinning mandrel. This process results in expensive resin being sprayed and dripped all over the production area. For companies with large filament winding operations, the cost of that wasted resin can easily exceed six figures annually.

The TSE-EcoWinder resin applicator’s approach is dramatically different. Instead of soaking the strands in resin, TSE’s patented applicator force-infuses resin into the strands as they pass through a set of rotating elastomer coated rollers. It explains that this process ensures better impregnation, achieving a 70 to 80% glass-to-resin ratio. The amount of resin is carefully metered by theTSE-EcoWinder Process Controller. This system virtually eliminates drips and waste, decreasing resin waste from at least 5% to approximately 0.25%, resulting in substantial financial savings.

“This award confirms our belief that when you set out on a mission to serve a specific customer need — in this case, minimising the cost of resin waste – great things happen,” said Rick Klingel, President of TSE Industries. “Having won the JEC Innovation Award for the past two years, we could not be more proud of our entire composites team.”

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