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Toho Tenax to Launch Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fibre Fabric

  • Friday, 5th March 2010
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Toho Tenax is to begin selling a carbon fibre fabric that is less than half the weight of conventional lightest carbon fibre fabrics.

The new fabric, which has been developed with Sakai Ovex Co., Ltd. and is used for forming prepregs, will help further reduce the weight of composite products, making it ideal for high-strength, low-weight applications where design and style count, ranging from golf club and tennis racket shafts to personal computer casings.

Toho Tenax targets annual sales of more than 300,000 square metres at a value of more than 1.8 billion by its fiscal year ending in March 2013, aiming to expand the carbon fibres business for prepreg use.

The fabric is made with Toho Tenax’s new carbon fibre yarn designed for making ultra-thin fabrics. Using Sakai Ovex’s yarn-spreading technology, development of a thin fabric measuring just 0.06 mm in thickness has been achieved. The new fabric weighs only 60g/m2, or about half the weight of the lightest carbon fibre fabrics currently available.

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