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Thermo Fibergen Announces Second Quarter Results

  • Tuesday, 8th August 2000
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Thermo Fibergen Inc., a Thermo Electron company, today reported revenues of $1,746,000 for the quarter ended July 1, 2000, compared with $2,253,000 for the same period in 1999. Net income was $141,000 versus $282,000 last year. Our focus throughout the first half of 2000 has been the successful startup of our fiber-based composites manufacturing plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our accomplishments to date include the installation of four manufacturing lines, two of which are currently producing tongue-and-groove boards for siding and fencing applications. We’ve shipped two truckloads of this product, with two more truckloads ready for delivery. We’ve ordered additional equipment that will allow us to expand production to each of the four lines later this year.” Thermo Fibergen Inc. designs, builds, owns, and operates fiber-recovery and water-clarification plants to help pulp and paper mills improve product quality, reduce costs, and close the loop in their water and solids systems. The company cleans and recycles water and long fiber to be reused in papermaking and converts the remaining solids into commercial products such as dust-free agricultural carriers, oil and grease absorbents, and cat box fillers. The company also develops, produces, and markets fiber-based composites primarily for the building industry, such as fencing and siding. Thermo Fibergen is a public subsidiary of Thermo Fibertek Inc., another Thermo Electron company.

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