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The Radicigroup ‘Team’ Visits Nissan

The Radicigroup ‘Team’ Visits Nissan

  • Tuesday, 6th December 2016
  • Reading time: about 4 minutes

RadiciGroup’s integrated offer for the automotive sector presented to the technicians of Nissan Technical Centre Europe.

According to RadiciGroup, its ‘team’ met for the first time last December 1 with the technicians of carmaker Nissan, at the Technical Centre Europe in Cranfield, UK. RadiciGroup says it presented an integrated offer – from engineering plastics to synthetic fibres and nonwovens – to a major automotive company always looking for new high performance products with excellent mechanical properties.

In the morning, the RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Business Area introduced the latest innovations in PA6, PA6.6, PA6.10 and PA6.12 engineering plastics, polyamides for high temperature applications and PPAs for various engine components. Thanks to its physical mechanical and structural characteristics, RadiciGroup claims that polyamide is replacing metal In the automotive industry; in the face of new auto industry trends, such as smaller and more powerful engines, lower CO2 limits and reduced underhood space, PPAs respond with high thermal resistance, ease of processing and competitive pricing.

RadiciGroup has also long been involved in engineering plastics manufactured using biopolymers derived from renewable raw materials such as Radilon D based on PA 6.10, inherently sustainable products.Erico Spini, RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Marketing & Application Development Director for Europe stressed that, “Thanks to its know-how in the field of polyamide engineering plastics and synergistic collaboration with the RadiciGroup chemical area, the Performance Plastics Business Area can now offer concrete answers to the global market as far as innovation, customisation, flexibility and performance.”

In the afternoon, the Nissan supplier day was dedicated to RadiciGroup’s world of synthetic fibres: from polyamide 6, 6.6 and 6.10 to polyester yarns, high tenacity BCF yarns and spunbond nonwovens. These materials ensure high performance in the automotive sector as well, especially as regards car interiors.

Similarly to its Performance Plastics business area, the Group explains that its commitment to expanding its portfolio of fibres made with eco-friendly processes or from bio sources is growing, from the PA 6.10 Radilon textile yarn to the dorix staple fibre, obtained through biopolymers derived from renewable resources not competing with food production (64% obtained from sebacic acid derived from castor oil plant seeds).

During the meeting at Nissan, Piero Saragat, Automotive Product Manager of RadiciGroup Performance Yarn, focused on the new ‘carpeting’ frontier, “One of RadiciGroup’s current challenges is developing yarns for high-quality car carpets and floor mats with greater resistance, performance and lightness.”

With regard to the continuous filament polyester threads by Radyarn and Starlight (also in the rRadyarn and r-Starlight versions, derived from post-consumer recycled polymers), they are used for luggage and passenger compartment covers and, thanks to one of the most comprehensive ranges in Europe and a personalised service, RadiciGroup can meet every customer’s request. Raffaella Angelone, Automotive Sales Manager of RadiciGroup Comfort Fibres said that, “The interior of a car is the space that welcomes passengers and should therefore be comfortable and safe. With our yarns and excellent know-how in the polyester industry, we can offer innovative and flexible solutions for specialised markets, while paying close attention to the environmental impact of our products.”

RadiciGroup says that the meeting with Nissan provided an opportunity for dialogue and discussion between those who produce the materials and those who use them, gathering together some actors of the automotive supply chain to understand needs and propose solutions, with a focus on low environmental impact products. RadiciGroup, which has been moving in this direction for some time and certifies its products and processes, is therefore the ideal upstream provider for a market based on eco design: thinking of the materials according to their post-consumer end-of-life cycle in order to achieve what the European Union proposes in terms of circular economy. The Heramid range polymers or the r-Radyarn and r-Starlight polyester textile threads produced by RadiciGroup, for example, come from recycled and selected raw materials, so as to offer excellent performance with minimal environmental impact.


Image provided by Radici Group

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