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The Future of Graphene Nanotubes Starts in Japan

  • Friday, 20th September 2019
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

The Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit (NAUM) takes place this year in Kyoto, Japan, on 5-6 November. 

This annual event gathers together hundreds of leading companies and institutes working with single wall carbon nanotubes, a ‘material of the future’. Airbus Defense and Space, Lufthansa Technik Intercoat, BASF, Trelleborg Applied Technologies, BYK Additives, Rice University, Fraunhofer IPA and other industry leaders and distinguished scientists will share their insights on recent developments in nanotube industrial applications. 

Have you ever wondered what electric cars, passenger drones, Hyperloop and space tourism have in common? All of these disruptive technologies are proving to be very hard to evolve into real mass-market technologies because of their low energy efficiency. Traditional materials have reached their limits in terms of performance and are not able to bring these technologies into our daily lives. That is why graphene nanotubes (also known as single wall carbon nanotubes), which has recently transformed from a laboratory material into a highly competitive industrial technology, are so exciting. They are now allowing creation of durable, strong, lightweight and conductive materials of the future. 

This November in Kyoto, the NAUM’19 Industry Summit will unveil the latest developments in graphene nanotube market applications, as well as tests results that have not previously been publicly released. Presentations by more than 40 industry experts, open discussions and round tables with a focus on particular materials – NAUM’19 will cover all nanotube market applications. 

Experts will share their views on one of the hot topics this year – the vehicles of the future that will benefit from high-energy batteries, high-performance tires and enhanced plastic car parts. Summit participants will also discuss the ongoing advances in the aerospace industry, the latest results in creating next-gen long-lasting silicon anodes, and flexible sensors for robotics – developments such as these are now all possible with graphene nanotubes. 

The NAUM’19 speakers are representatives of industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemicals, batteries, electronics, consumer goods, construction and tires, among others, and include Airbus Defense and Space, Trelleborg Applied Technologies, CRH, BASF, DAIKIN Industries, BYK Additives, BAK Power Battery and Lufthansa Technik Intercoat. Alongside the business leaders, Rice University (US), Fraunhofer IPA (Germany), the University of Newcastle (Australia) and many other research institutes will share their fundamental and applied science breakthroughs. The Summit will be opened by Dr Morinobu Endo, a Distinguished Professor at Shinshu University and one of the pioneers in the carbon nanotube field, who will be speaking on new developments and the future of graphene nanotubes. 

The NAUM’19 Industry Summit will also feature a unique expo of materials and products from all around the world that are now made possible by nanotubes, demonstrating how nanotechnologies are already changing the world around us.

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