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Teijin Twaron Changes Name to Teijin Aramid

  • Monday, 10th September 2007
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Teijin Twaron has changed its name into Teijin Aramid, affecting all locations worldwide, from production and head office in the Netherlands to all sales offices in the various continents.

Over the years Teijin Twaron has become a major supplier of aramid products, with around 50% market share worldwide. Since the acquisition by the Teijin Group in 2000, Teijin Twaron evolved from one brand company (Twaron) to four aramid brands; Twaron, Technora, Sulfron and Teijinconex. Teijin says that the new name Teijin Aramid reflects accurately the present focus of the company and will allow expansion and further development of the product range.

The name Twaron is the flagship para-aramid product of Teijin Aramid and its name will remain unchanged.

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