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Teijin Aramid Launches Fine Filament Yarn

  • Tuesday, 17th January 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Teijin Aramid has launched a new aramid yarn, Twaron 550f1000, which they claim is higher performing, lightweight, and the finest filament based on aramid in the world, designed to provide better ballistic protection in body armour for police, soldiers and law enforcement officers.

They say the new Twaron 550f1000 has the highest tenacity in combination with breaking strength in their portfolio. The new Twaron 550f1000 consists of 1000 filaments which they say means it has significantly higher performance than other yarns. The new yarn will be mainly used in soft anti-ballistic products for the police, law enforcement and military markets where the current trends are towards lightweight and comfortable bulletproof vests that comply with strict safety regulations. In a woven fabric the yarn could be used for anti-ballistic and anti-stab products. It has an excellent fragment resistance, it improves the resistance in exposure to the blast effects of roadside bombs and it provides better bullet protection.

According to Teijin Aramid, they invested millions of Euros and resources in the development of this yarn to come up with a high performing lightweight anti-ballistic product. Karl Henke, Business Manager Ballistic at Teijin Aramid says “This new yarn is our response to the demand for lightweight ballistic protection, which itself is the result of the increasing threat of violence in society. Police officers, soldiers and even private citizens who require protection will start wearing a bulletproof vest earlier when the weight and comfort is even better than nowadays.”

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