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Technical Fibre Products Exhibiting at CAMX2014

Technical Fibre Products Exhibiting at CAMX2014

  • Tuesday, 14th October 2014
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Technical Fibre Products will be exhibiting at CAMX in Orlando, Florida, US from October 14-16.

TFP will be exhibiting its Optiveil,Optimat and Tecnofire nonwoven ranges which it says are specifically designed for the surface engineering of composites. TFP says it now offers the capability to further increase the functionality of these materials through bonding of multi-layer structures, powder addition and substrate compression.

According to TFP, Optiveil and Optimat have exceptional uniformity of fibre dispersion and resin uptake, delivering a high quality surface finish and simultaneously allowing for unique selection of fibre type and the addition of functionality such as conductivity, EMI shielding, antistatic and corrosion & abrasion resistance.

It states Optiveil also includes an extended range of lightweight thermoplastic veils including PEEK, Nylon, Polyester, PEI & PPS. These thermoplastic veils can be incorporated into a composite as interlaminar layers between reinforcement fabrics, potentially offering improvements to the composite’s fracture toughness by reducing microcrack propagation.The Tecnofire range provides fire resistance at the surface of a composite structure without compromising the integrity of the structure.

TFP states it has also been shortlisted or CAMX’s ACE Awards in the Design Category for most creative application.   

According to TFP this joint innovation, patent pending, with AGC AeroComposites comprises the development of electrostatic and lightning compatible composite pipes suitable for use in aircraft fuel systems. The shared technology enables the surface resistivity of the glass based composite pipe to be precisely controlled resulting in a structure that is both electrically isolating to resist lightning strike propagation but sufficiently conductive to dissipate the static electricity resulting from fluid movement. The development is the first of its kind and presents the opportunity to save weight in aircraft fuel systems by replacing the heavier metallic equivalents. Weight savings have been estimated at up to 200 kg per aircraft, potentially equating to an estimated fuel saving of up to 26,000 kg per aircraft per annum. The lightweight composite pipes, along with further information about the development, will be on display in the ACE Awards Pavilion at CAMX.

In addition to the composite pipes, TFP  states it will also be showcasing other recent developments on their stand at the event. These include the world’s lightest nonwoven carbon veil at 2 g/m² and a range of recycled carbon nonwovens. The 2 g/m² material, along with TFP’s other ultra-lightweight veils, is the ideal candidate for use as a carrier or support for fragile materials or adhesive films, while the recycled range demonstrates comparable properties to TFP’s virgin carbon fibre veils with the added benefit of environmental sustainability.

TFP will be exhibiting at stand 2862 at the show.

Photo provided by TFP 

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