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TCG Provides Comprehensive Solution to EMS Industry with New Composites Application

TCG Provides Comprehensive Solution to EMS Industry with New Composites Application

  • Tuesday, 22nd April 2014
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

The Composites Group and its three business units, Quantum Composites, Premix and Hadlock Plastics, have collaborated with Ferno EMS in creating the new Inix Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System—the next generation power cot for the emergency medical services  industry, and a new application for thermoset composites.


“This is a wonderful example of the comprehensive solutions approach we envisioned when forming The Composites Group,” said Terry Morgan, CEO. “The drive to replace traditional manufacturing materials with superior-performing, high-strength, low-density composites continues to create new opportunities such as this in myriad industries. With our complementary skills, technologies and manufacturing capabilities, TCG is well-positioned to assist and respond.”


After a thorough engineering and product development process, TCG explains it was on hand as Ferno launched Inix at the 2014 Fire Department Instructors Conference this month. A motorised patient handling system, the Inix is designed to help EMS personnel stop lifting and reduce the risk of injuries while enhancing performance and delivery of care.


The Composites Groupsays it manufactured a total of 16 parts for each Inix system. Eight parts comprise the four tri-coloured, independently adjusting legs while another eight parts form four black arms that secure the legs to the cot.


Each of TCG’s three business units had a hand in manufacturing these parts; Quantum Composites produced and supplied AMC 8590, Premix handled the custom compression moulding process and 

Hadlock Plasticsfinished each part, including a customised, tri-colour paint application to feature Ferno’s signature red.


Greg Woerth, TCG Account Manager, explains “Our thermoset composites material delivered the requested weight reduction without sacrificing strength, which was critical to Ferno. In addition, due to the strength and durability of thermoset composites, the Inix legs and arms will create a longer life for the product.”


According to The Composite Group, Ferno’s Inix Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System is expected to revolutionise the daily professional lives of EMS workers, including emergency medical technicians and paramedics, who often suffer from work-related injuries that result in lost time and significant worker’s compensation and medical costs.


Photo provided by The Composites Group (TCG)

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