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Tartler at Advanced Engineering 2018

Tartler at Advanced Engineering 2018

  • Tuesday, 23rd October 2018
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Dosing and mixing technology specialist Tartler will present its latest developments at Advanced Engineering 2018.

About two years ago, Tartler presented its first mixer attachment for the dynamic processing of two-component plastics with cartridge dispensers. Since then, the company has continued to develop this solution further and now presents the second generation of its cartridge mixer, LC-DCM. It is equipped with a universal connection for numerous common cartridge systems. Low-quantity users which process cast resins and adhesives for repairs, reworks or the surface finishing with pneumatic cartridge dispenser particularly stand to benefit from this.

With its cartridge mixer attachment, Tartler is transferring the quality advantages of the dynamic 2K synthetic resin mixing technology from the automated series production to the manual small low-quantity application. In the new LC-DCM version, the Tartler’s mixer attachment now offers an even wider field of application, since it is equipped with a universal connection point for the rubber adapter of many different common cartridge systems. The die-cast manufacturing of Tartler can furthermore provide additional rubber adapters for additional cartridges for the new attachment at any time. This means there are no limitations anymore when it comes to selecting cartridges, dispensers or materials. Among other things this means the low-quantity users, which use the common double cartridge dispenser from Sulzer (Mixpac), Nordson (Side x Side) or other manufacturers, for the manual processing of cast resin or adhesives, will now have the option of dynamic mixing. This significantly increases both the quality of the mixing results and the maximum flow rate.

Dynamic makes the difference

Up to now, many low-quantity processors have had to accept quality drawbacks when mixing resins and hardeners with multiple-component or double cartridge dispensers because the used or recommended static mixers did not ensure 100% mixing, or because the flow rate when using longer mixers were reduced significantly. The cartridge mixer attachment LC-DCM makes these issues a thing of the past. It achieves this primarily thanks to three components: a flange to take up the rubber adapter, which is mounted liquid-tight to the cartridge, a basic body with the connection for the dynamic plastic mixer, and an air motor for driving the dynamic mixer. Overall, the new attachment is a very slim construction and forms a functional unit with the dispenser, which can be precisely guided and easily handled with the attachment.

Modifiable construction for maximum flow rate

In addition to its universal adapter connection, the new cartridge mixer LC-DCM offers another key advantage. Irrespective of the processed materials, with the same configuration and the same pressure it offers a multiple volume increase compared using a static mixer recommended by the cartridge material manufacturer or filling company. The reason is the modifiable construction of LC-DCM. Additionally, it can be used for extreme mixing ratios and high viscosity differences between materials. This means that the new LC-DCM can be deployed in all areas of plastic and adhesive processing where the user needs to apply small material quantities in regulated volume flows, and that the same materials can be used for reworks and maintenance works as for series production with an optimal mix quality.

Tartler will exhibit on Stand L113 at Advanced Engineering 2018 on 31 October-1 November in Birmingham, UK.

Image provided by Tartler

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