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Talon Composites Supports Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel in US and China

  • Friday, 14th May 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Talon’s Metal Matrix Composite Material, Talbor, is to be used to ship nuclear material in China and the US.

Talon Composites LLC, a manufacturer of proprietary metal matrix composites, has delivered its proprietary Talbor Metal Matrix Material to Atlanta-based NAC International, who are a worldwide leader in providing spent nuclear fuel storage solutions and transportation services to the nuclear industry.

This represents the application of a major scientific improvement, in that for the first time Talon’s proprietary technology was used to make thin plates that achieve needed high neutron absorption. The technology creates a greater homogeneous disbursement of boron in a very fine grain structure. The boron a real density was independently verified at the Pennsylvania State University research reactor.

The Talbor material is being used as the neutron absorber material to control criticality of the spent nuclear fuel assemblies in the NAC-STC transportation casks that will be used in China to ship spent nuclear fuel from the operating plants to the long-term storage facility.

Talon President Robin A. Carden remarked “The Talon team is proud to have reached this scientific milestone, having raised the bar by providing a fine grain neutron absorber material with great homogeneity. This generation of Talbor material has been in development for some time, and by bringing this product to market, we have ensured that our partners at NAC International will be able to safely transport spent nuclear fuel assemblies”.

Ken Hoedeman, NAC International vice president, fabrication & construction and project manager responsible for procurement of the Talbor sheets, added: “We are extremely pleased that Talon Composites has successfully delivered the full order of Talbor sheets to be used in the NAC-STC transportation cask baskets. Talon is to be commended for their tenacity and dedication to delivering such a high quality product.”

Frederic Bollens, director of operations for Talon, stated: “This was a difficult and complex assignment, resulting in Talon delivering its superior technology to worldwide leaders who ensure safe transport of nuclear fuel. Talbor is making the world safer for us and future generations. We are confident that the nuclear industry will continue to adopt Talon’s materials not only for use in transport of spent nuclear fuel throughout the world, but also as a solution for long-term and temporary storage”

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