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Taconic Introduces Low Loss Bromine-Free Prepregs and Laminates

  • Friday, 9th September 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Taconic is to expand the TacPreg/TacLam family of products by offering low loss bromine-free prepregs and laminates.

The new family of “green” materials, TLG-29 & 30, was designed with lower dissipation factor (df = 0.0030 to 0.0038 at 10 GHz – thickness dependant). The TLG family of products was designed for the military, RF, and high speed digital markets, where a homogeneous dielectric constant throughout the laminate is desirable.

The multilayer package TLG laminates/TPG prepregs was designed to reduce electrical loss and to improve ease of fabrication. TLG/TPG are based on BT/epoxy/woven fibreglass/PTFE components.

“TLG-29 & 30 reduce the need for thermoplastic films in the military markets, provide the digital market with homogenous products reducing skew in high speed data transmission, and offer the RF marketplace a material set that can be foil laminated when designing low loss/low cost multilayers. We are excited that we were able to improve the product line to benefit each of these markets while at the same time become WEEE & RoHS compliant by removing any source of bromine,” said Thomas F. McCarthy, Director of Engineering and Product Manager for the TacPreg/TacLam family of products.

TLG-29 & 30 were designed and beta tested on thick backpanels with the intent to improve the ease of fabrication in difficult designs.

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