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Syrgis Announces 2012 “Syrging Ahead” Award Winner

  • Tuesday, 6th March 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Independent Boat Builders (IBBI) is the recipient of the 2012 Syrging Ahead Award for its use of chemistry to advance innovation in boat manufacturing.

The award was presented to Tom Broy, President of IBBI, in a ceremony at the American Composites Manufacturers Association’s (ACMA) Composites 2012 show in Las Vegas.

Syrgis explain that the Syrging Ahead Award is designed to recognize their customers that are capitalising on chemistry and its offerings to make significant strides in the areas of safety, environmental, quality, process advancement or novel applications.

“We’re now successfully in the third year of the Syrging Ahead program, and with each award we’ve seen more and more innovative application of our products and services,” said Andy Harris, Syrgis CEO. “We want to continue to operate as good ambassadors for the industry and recognising companies for their outstanding process and quality-control performance is part of that. We are very happy to present a Syrging Ahead Award to IBBI and salute them for contributing to the positive impact chemistry makes in our lives.”

Syrgis explain that IBBI has implemented the IBBI Process Audit Program, with the goal of improving the way its members build boats. The Audit Program promotes interaction between IBBI members and the IBBI Supplier Tech Team, consisting of technical representatives from each of the IBBI suppliers. On completion of an audit, the member receives a report detailing recommendations on process improvements, techniques, safety concerns, cosmetics advancements and quality improvements.

“These audits have impacted overall quality and have provided measureable cost savings for every member who has participated in this program,” said Broy. “When we changed to Syrgis, our members realised huge benefits in several areas. The Syrgis technical team came to our member facilities and helped optimise the initiator system.  We are now building better boats than ever before since choosing Syrgis as our supplier.”

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