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Superior Mineral Filler For Plastics Formulations

  • Friday, 23rd August 2002
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Hedman Resources have announced an independent laboratory’s test results showing that its asbestos-free mineral filler, Superfil, produces superior mechanical, physical and thermal properties in widely-used compounded plastics formulations.

The tests, conducted by Adell Plastics Corporation, a major US compounder and certified independent testing laboratory, used Superfil 325 silane treated, in formulations using Polypropylene Homopolymer, Polypropylene Copolymer, Nylon 6 and Nylon 66. Adell tested Superfil both as a stand-alone ingredient and in conjunction with other fillers including, glass, talc, mica and wollastonite to approximate current industry practices of producing these formulations.

“”In result after result we saw Superfil improve the strength, thermal stability and mould shrinkage in the test formulations,”” said Dr. Luie Vizurraga, president of Allied Resinous Product Inc, which handles technical analysis of the plastics industry for Hedman Resources in North America.

“”Even more remarkable was the fact that dramatic increases in some key properties, such as tensile strength, stiffness and heat resistance, were not achieved at the sacrifice of other important properties, which puts Superfil into a class of its own,”” said Dr. Vizurraga. “”In the Nylon 66 formulation, the stiffness of the virgin resin was improved by approximately 233 per cent by using Superfil as the mineral filler while other important properties saw improvements or remained at expected levels.””

“”Of particular note was the high level of thermal stability that Superfil brings to the polyamides or nylon group,”” said Dr. Vizurraga. “”In Nylon 6 heat distortion is not observed until near or almost melting point. That could qualify Superfil as the filler of choice among manufacturers of heat-resistant plastic products, such as under-the-hood car parts manufacturers, who need highly stabile and heat-enduring fillers for their products.””

“”The implications of the tests are far-reaching in terms of improved quality and potential costs reductions in the manufacture of polymers,”” said Hedman President and Chief Executive Officer Claude Taillefer. “”The tests show that plastics producers could use Superfil as a substitute for many of the more expensive materials they currently use and still achieve a better final product.””

“”In some cases it appears that Superfil could translate into savings of up to 12 per cent in the final product costs of some composites,”” said Mr. Taillefer. “”There are also potential savings to be found in the exceedingly lower mould shrinkage rates that Superfil registered in the tests. A more precise analysis of the cost savings associated with substituting Superfil is now under way.””

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