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Strand7 CPV Software Making Pultruded Structures Easier

  • Friday, 5th April 2002
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Strand7 Creative Pultrusions Version has been specifically created for the modelling and analysis of pultruded structures. Based on the popular Strand7 finite element analysis package, it contains all standard Pultex profiles and material properties in the section property library.

Custom profiles are easy to create with the Strand7 Beam Cross Section Generator and the powerful Composites module can be used to model laminated shell structures ply-by-ply.

One of the strengths of Strand7 is the exceptional ease with which framework models can be created and analysed. This makes it particularly well suited to simulating simple and complex assemblies made from pultruded sections. The package includes sample models of pultruded structures and instructions for creating and analysing models using Pultex profiles.

Strand7 is a third generation FEA program written specifically for Windows that is exceptionally easy to learn and use. All data is entered graphically or by dialogue boxes on the model, as you build it. Model and results data can be viewed directly on the model. Part or all of a model can be cut/copy & pasted from one model into another. Text and data can be cut/copy & pasted to and from other Windows programs. Multiple models and multiple results can be displayed simultaneously. Comprehensive, context-sensitive Help is always available via the F1 key.

Strand7 includes a Verification Manual, which compares the Strand7 results for numerous standard FEA benchmark exercises with classical theory and results from other FEA packages.

Prices range from US$4,875 to US$9,300. All versions contain the full range of elements, materials, attributes and tools, with no limit to model size.

Strand7 CPV is a joint venture between Imagineering, Creative Pultrusions and G+D Computing. Imagineering are an appointed distributor of Strand7 software. Creative Pultrusions are world’s most innovative pultruder. Strand7 is developed by G+D Computing of Sydney, Australia.

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